Poetry Volume

A Pilgrim' s Progress

In their own small way, these poems endeavor to fulfill metaphysical obligations while creating objects of beauty, while conversing with other artists. Stepping the stones where brilliant poets walked, inhaling their words, incorporating them, and transforming the coalesced composite into an individual necklace of autobiographical, multifaceted gems is the challenge of craft.

This collection of 55 poems is called A Pilgrim’s Progress, written over a 15-year span during the period when I moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, and then to Sansepolcro, Italy, with sojourns in numerous other countries to sit out my alternate three months out of the Schengen zone, as I was not given Italian residency.

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My exile, not entirely self-imposed, as circumstances and illness forced me to leave San Francisco, CA for a more hospitable and affordable city, wrought much soul-searching, creative production, and many changes. While I had never felt like an insider in my native country, I became a thoroughgoing nomad in others, able to commiserate more fully with my fellow passengers to the grave and experience the sometimes privileged perspective of a genuine outsider, but often one who passes some of the tests of inclusion. This book is the artistic result of my reflections and interpretations, influenced by the landscapes and cultures of my wanderings.

Diane G Martin