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Michael Stahr - Your Life is Calling - by Dewey Edward Chester

dewey e chester
Dewey E Chester

Within an atmosphere of Racial Segregation, A Black man becomes a Human Rights Icon, Professional Football player, and Politician.

following is episodic fiction that details The American Boomer Generation of the 1960s Experience the life of a White Freedom Rider, traveling through segregated Mississippi; a Black man Quarterbacking an NFL football team, and a fiery Black Politician of a major American city.

Dewey as NFL Quarterback

An impossible journey, yet lived by one man, and more. Michael's steamy interracial romance haunts him as he overcomes each hurdle. This is quintessential episodic drama of the American Boomer Generation; 'the way we were.' I am a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California at Los Angeles.

I’m a former professional football player, corporate, and academic Writer for the great State of Pennsylvania, and a Los Angeles Professor of Screenwriting. My episodic dramas will remind you that the greatest strength of the American Character is America’s characters.

Review - PurcellPress

The 60s political landscape, beset with prejudice and segregation, will be painfully familiar to those who have lived through the era. In this lyrical and heartfelt text, Dewey E Chester chronicles the American freedom movement as witnesed by Michael Stahr, a young black student whose love for a white girl ends in tragedy. In this powerful and eloquent narrative we read of the Freedom Rider's struggle against racial injustice. As recent events show, America remains divided. Chester's testimony of the road well-travelled is a timely reminder that the struggle for social justice must endure.

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